Benazir Bhutto Demands Blast Investigation–But Blasted By Niece

Benazir Bhutto lashed into the Pakistan government insisting there was need for an international body of experts to investigate the bombing which greeted her arrival back home after several years in exile. Her request reflected lack of trust in the integrity of the Musharraf government to conduct an unbiased study of the suicide bombings. Bhutto emphasized the bombings were really an attack against “the moderate majority of Pakistan.” There originally were many doubts regarding the feasibility of a Musharraf/Bhutto alliance, but the Bush administration made it an important goal for the future of Pakistan. One can only wonder if this incident dooms the alliance.

Poet Fatima Bhutto, niece of Benazir, blamed her aunt for death and carnage because “she insisted on this grand show, she bears responsibility for these deaths and injuries… they died for this personal theater… Ms. Fatima Bhutto was not the only one who urged Mrs. Bhutto to avoid a grand parade since it was bound to elicit violent reactions. She was asked to take a helicopter but refused since she insisted the people of Pakistan wanted to see her in person. Unfortunately, some of those people will never see her again.