Benghazi For Last Time?

The attack by Islamic militants upon the American Embassy in Benghazi last year led to the ongoing saga of how President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had lied to the American people. John McCain, Ted Cruz, Fox News, Sarah Palin and just about the entire leadership of the Republican Party have refused to end their crusade to get at “the truth.” Of course, “the truth” meant that Hillary Clinton (a) refused to provide sufficient military personnel to protect the Embassy, (b) blamed the riot on a video that was shown on American television which mocked the Prophet Muhammad,”the Innocence of Islam,” and, (c) refused to blame al-Qaeda for the tragedy that cost the life of Ambassador Stevens. The American people have heard endless stories about the incompetence of Hillary and her lies about the origin of the attack.

A new report in The New York Times now proves the attack WAS caused by local groups that WERE impacted by the video and it had nothing to do with al-Qaeda. It turns out a local militia leader named Ahmed Abu Khattala organized the attack and it was joined by local people who had heard about the video. In other words, THE ORIGINAL STATEMENT FROM THE STATE DEPARTMENT ABOUT LOCAL GROUPS CAUSING THE ATTACK IS CORRECT!!

Enough with this silly argument!!