Benghazi Forever

There are unconfirmed reports that Senator Lindsay Graham has been awarded the Libyan medal for ensuring the name of Libya appears each day and night on Fox News and the daily media. Lindsay is upset because, despite  day after day of having officials discuss their knowledge of the attack, Lindsay is not satisfied. He wants “more information.” He wants to see drone photos, he wants to read  all email sent from Africa to the State Department. He is upset that Obama “outsourced our security in Libya to a non-existent Libyan government.”

As I recall, Senator Graham and his buddy Senator John McCain were complaint at failure of the Obama administration to assist the “non-existent Libyan rebel government.” Graham  simply can not halt his fight for honesty about deaths  of Americans. If he is so concerned, how about an inquiry about how and why 5,000 Americans died in Iraq and Afghanistan. And, he is entitled to read all emails read by President Bush! Go for it, Lindsay!