Benghazi Forever

Over FIVE THOUSAND American soldiers have died in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and over 35,000 were wounded. Obviously, this is of no concern for Republican members of Congress who want the government to focus on the real tragedy of American life–who or why was the ambassador to Libya killed?? Once again, Republicans are pestering Secretary of State John Kerry with demands to know what REALLY happened in Benghazi? An Accountability Review Board identifed mistakes made and made recommendations for improvement. But, Senator Lindsay Graham and Senator John McCain want ANSWERS! What really happened?

We can now reveal what is being covered up by the Obama administration. Osama bin Laden was NEVER KILLED. Obama is attempting to cover up for his failure to get Osama. The man of many disguises was behind the Benghazi attack and Hillary Clinton covered up. John Kerry complains, “let’s get this done with, folks.” He really does not want to get this done with, he wants to continue the cover up!