Benghazi Forever

I assume the last words uttered by Senator Lindsay Graham will be, “Benghazi, Benghazi,” Once again the Senator from the Carolinas had to make certain to the entire world that he will not forget the massacre at Benghazi in which four people died. He charged the “scumbags are the people in the White House who lied about Benghazi.” Yes, Senator Lindsay, you are right, four people died in this massacre. Of course,the Ambassador who died was a friend of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so we are to assume she did not care for a friend. The Graham rant raises several questions:

1. Why isn’t Lindsay Graham upset that FIVE THOUSAND AMERICANS DIED IN IRAQ AND OVER THIRTY THOUSAND WERE WOUNDED! He has NEVER asked for an investigation of the death of Five Thousand.

2. Why isn’t Lindsay Graham upset at the Bush fiasco in Afghanistan which has resulted in the death of over one thousand Americans and wounding of thousands?

3. Why isn’t Lindsay Graham upset that children go hungry in America and millions still lack health insurance coverage?

Yes, four people died in Benghazi. Four people die every single day in America due to poverty.

Senator Graham, we do know who is the scumbag!