Benghazi Forever

The United States of America runs a national debt of about 16 Trillion dollars, it has an unemployment rate of about 7.8%, its infrastructure needs at least $2.5 Trillion in order to develop a modern system of transportation and communication, Afghanistan is a mess and Iraq not much better. So, what does the Republican party consider to be the number one issue confronting America–the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi! Thousands of emails, letters and telegrams arrive at the State Department each day and Republican Congressmen want to know why Secretary of State Hillary Clinton does not read them and respond to each and every inquiry.

After 9/11 left nearly THREE THOUSAND AMERICANS DEAD, not a single Republican Congressman demanded that President Bush should fire the Secretary of State, Defense or anyone else. But the death of FOUR Americans led Senator Rand Paul  to demand that Hillary Clinton should be fired!

Who are these people in the Republican party??