Benghazi Redeux

I understand there are people in the United States who actually believe that poverty is an issue or that lack of medical care is a care to be considered, and, there is no doubt among Republicans, immigration of global warming are not as major a concern as what happened at Benghazi at a time when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Six Minutes released a new episode dealing with this momentous attack in which four people died. Granted, shootings of children in American schools is not as of importance as the death of four people, but, if one is a Republican, then one understands what is or is not important in human life. Six Minutes released a video two weeks ago about an incredibly brave American named Dylen Davis who actually was in Benghazi and witnessed the attack. Without waiting for help, this courageous American lept over a wall, knocked out one of the terrorists and did what he could to save the Ambassador and others who were shot.

Republicans in Congress cited the actions of this of action and wanted to know where were US troops to help the one man action hero. It turns out the entire story was a piece of fiction. Frankly, I want to know what was Hillary Clinton doing while Americans were dying. Then again, what was Ted Cruz doing?