Benghazi Redeux

The ongoing saga of how Hillary Clinton betrayed the American people as well as her refusal to save a friend in Benghazi continues. Militants in Benghazi killed another fourteen people while Ms. Clinton was out raising money for her political campaign. Just think of it, innocent people in Benghazi dying while this woman thinks nothing about devoting her time to getting more and more money for her own selfish political ends! Does she not have any concern for the people of the world? Benghazi was HER responsibility and she abandoned American diplomats. A Secretary of State should be on guard twenty four hours a day protecting them with her weapons of mass destruction, but this Hillary person doesn’t even own a GUN! How can she protect the American people if she does not own a gun??

Good News! Ted Cruz owns, not one, but several guns and he is ready to stand guard at each and every embassy in the world until every American diplomat can go to bed at night knowing he will awake in the morning. Support the Tea Party and protect Americans day and night!