Benghazi Redeux

The American people owe a great thanks to members of the Republican party for its courageous work in confronting important issues of the day. OK, so you lack a good job. OK, so you are deeply in debt with student loans. OK, so our infrastructure is collapsing, OK, so women lack equal pay rights, OK, so Hispanic illegal immigrants are sent back to Mexico while their family remains in the US, OK, so there is some trouble in the Middle East, OK, so there is some trouble in the Ukraine, OK so nut cases wander Nigeria kidnapping young girls into slavery, OK, so the US has serious climate change issues, OK, OK, OK, there are a few problems in the world.

But, Thank God, Republicans will address the most important Issue of our lives–BENGHAZI!I am now convinced that John Boehner as he lies in a bed awaiting death will utter his last words of life–B E N G H A z i…..