Benjamin Netanyahu And Politics Of Absurdity!

Benjamin Netanyahu became the new prime minister of Israel in a session marked by angry shouting and laughter at his army of 39 Cabinet members which is the largest in the history of the nation. Netanyahu undoubtedly reflects the attitudes of Israelis who seem to believe living in a bunker will resolve their problems with Palestinians and the world at large. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton need a resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict if they are able to attain their goals for a stable and secure Middle East. Unfortunately, Netanyahu still thinks George Bush is in the White House. What is one to make of the following comment about giving Palestine “all the powers necessary to rule themselves, except those that would threaten Israel’s existence and security?” President Abbas immediately responded by saying: “this man doesn’t believe in peace so how can we deal with him?”

Netanyahu has an unwieldy coalition of groups that share nothing in common other than a desire for power and access to a Cabinet seat. Five of thirteen Labor MPs refused to vote for Netanyahu and they will most probably join the opposition. The world is left wondering exactly what the people of Israel believe they will accomplish by electing this group of incompetent leaders?