Benjamin Netanyahu-Con Man, Extraordinaire!

It increasingly becomes clear that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is simply too much for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to handle, let alone President Obama. He runs rings around the inept American leaders by saying contradictory things that conceal his real goals that entail securing Israel dominance in the West Bank and control over Jerusalem and blocking any opportunity for Palestinians to secure their rightful place as controlling east Jerusalem. There are reports Netanyahu will offer a ten month freeze on West Bank construction while at the same time proceeding with plans to build 900 new apartments in east Jerusalem. So, which is the Netanyahu one deals with, the man who offers a freeze that is not a freeze or the man who throws several balls into the air and dares Obama or Clinton to figure out which of the balls are destined to fall where he desires?

Former Israel foreign minister Tzipi Livni challenged Netanyahu in the Knesset by stating bluntly his policies has led to Israel being “delegitimized” in the eyes of the world and losing the trust of nations. Until Obama and Clinton are willing to confront Netanyahu on his twists and turns that make difficult the issues at stake, there is no hope any Palestinian government can negotiate with Israel. What does one expect from Palestinian leaders who are told by Netanyahu there can be no preconditions before negotiations while adding Abbas has to agree to recognize the Jewish state of Israel and not discuss return of refugees. When Netanyahu demands preconditions in the next breath he says there are no preconditions. This is truly a con man, extraordinaire!