Beohner Bullied By Tea Party Crazies!

The scene, a meeting of Republican leaders in the House of Representatives. They are discussing the debt ceiling problem. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, showed the group an excerpt from the film, “The Town,” in which bank robber Ben Affleck urges his fellow thieves to participate in a violent revenge attack. Huh? Affleck is bewildered why Republican leaders would be showing colleagues films about a revenge attack. Gee, guess who is THEIR ENEMY and who would they like to ATTACK? Rep. Boehner is surrounded by howling mobs of Tea Party supporters who believe Barack Obama is not really from Africa so much as he is one of the Redcoats come to force them to drink tea! America is on the brink of defaulting on its debts, and these children are watching gangster films!

Perhaps, the American people who voted for the crazies need a dose of reality. Let’s default and see what happens to their interest rates. The lunatics are in control of the asylum!