Berlin Delight

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, decided to spend a few days in Berlin in order to explore how other cities conduct their social lives. He wound up singing praises about the government of that lovely German city. It turns out that among the most important concerns for the people of Berlin  is “fornicating in their many magnificant parks.” Ah, now that is a goal for all cities, your greatest concern is having people ‘do it”in public. Unlike American Republicans, who rant and rave because someone on welfare used their check to purchase a cigarrette, the Berlin government allows those on welfare to possess the same rights as a millionaire, they actually can make decisions concerning their own lives.

The fine for public sex is $198 while if one is unemployed, the fine is $45. Now that is reasonable. The wealthy in Berlin actually pay more in fines than those who are poor. How about such a system for we Americans? And, how about sending middle class and wealthy people to prison for using drugs!!