Berlusconi Advice To Women–Money, Money!

In a world where people worry about terrorism or how to wipe out the Taliban, it is reassuring to have our beloved Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi around to keep our mind focused on important topics. He was asked to appear at a youth conference held by his People of Freedom Party and the audience wanted to hear some words of wisdom from a man who is the wealthiest person in the nation as well as being its prime minister. Before plunging into the complicated task of offering words of wisdom to the young, he admitted to not being “a saint,” but also denied rumors that he paid women for sex. Silvio was clear he had standards where sex is concerned. Why pay for it when women want him for his you-know-what, and that isn’t his good looks. He told young women if they had a brain in their head, follow the money, it always leads to happiness. He recalled in a recent interview, “I said to a girl to look for a wealthy boyfriend. This suggestion is not unrealistic.” After all, as Silvio notes, “he dies” and the young woman, inherits.

Perhaps, we in America need Silvio to offer some sage words of wisdom on how to end this recession. Of course, a problem is the number of aging wealthy men is declining. Would Silvio urged gay men to seek an older woman and hope for the best?