Berlusconi- I Decide Who Speaks!

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy not only has a Napoleonic complex, but he makes Roman emperors come across as democratic leaders. The Italian public television service had the audacity to broadcast an interview with a woman who allegedly spent the night with the nation’s leader. Patricia D’Addario made an appearance last Thursday night and her interview drew about 5.6 million viewers. Berlusconi denies ever paying for sex, but the unknown word is what is meant by “paying.”

On Sunday, Berlusconi’s brother, Paolo, began a front page campaign in his newspaper, Il Giornale that urged the public not to pay the TV license fee in protest against allowing anti-Berlusconi comments to appear. According to Paolo, “if RAI is a public service it should be at the service of the public that pays the license fee and not at the service of haughty preachers whose toxic stump speeches twist information.”

Silvio recently made insulting remarks about President Obama, but apparently those comments are no subject to review. The real question is when will the people of Italy elect a person to lead their nation who believes in democracy.