Berlusconi Sends Love To One And All

There are politicians who boast of loving “the people” but there are none who can compete with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who writes love songs and even sings them in order for the people to understand his love for them. Of course, when it comes to love, the prime minister is a man of democracy. He loves one and all, fat and tall, young and old, and those without any sexual preference other than a desire for making money. His new album will shortly be out and it will reflect the boundless depth of a man who beds women without regard to height, weight, color of skin or nationality.

Among songs in his new album is, “Stay With Me.” Of course, that is not dedicated to his wife who has gone to explore greener passages. The problem is when Silvio urges a woman to “stay with him” it makes no sense since he enjoys variety over staying with anyone till death do us part. We are certain Italian women will understand when he sings, “This Is Love, I Love You,” it doesn’t mean them. It does mean he loves the young and beautiful.