Berlusconi-The Garbage Man Prime Minister

Silvio Berlusconi held his first cabinet meeting in Naples as a token of his commitment to solve th city’s perennial problem with garbage collection, and the equally present issue of crime. The cabinet arrived in a city whose roads had been cleaned up overnight in preparation for the arrival of the Prime Minister and the cabinet. Perhaps, Berlusconi has found the perfect solution to garbage collection in Naples, fly in the cabinet every day for meetings in the city and that immediately ends any problems with garbage. Now, if Berlusconi could find an equally simple solution to deal with the Camorra, the Naples version of Sicily’s Mafia, he will definitely fulfill goals of some signs which read “Berlusconi Santo Subito” which translates into immediate sainthood for the mult-millionaire.

The Berlusconi administration approved a package of anti-immigration laws, including making being an illegal, a crime punishable by jail, and ensuring tougher sentences for any illegal who commits a crime. It is strange why a crime which has a punishment would provide for a tougher punishment if the same crime was committted by an illegal immigrant. The new law is simply in accord with the “get tough” image Berlusconi seeks to project.