Berlusconi’s Italian Disease

Some people readily catch colds, some are prone to accidents and some like Silvio Berlusconi suffer from a wonderful disease, they love women. Several influential Catholic leaders in Italy claim their prime minister suffers from an “uncontrollable disease,” he goes wild over women. An article in the “La Famiglia Cristiana(the Christian Family) which is sold in churches, noted that “it is incredible that a man in such a position does not have the necessary self control.” OK, so this man who happens to possess over a billion dollars finds, for some curious reason, that women flock to be by his side and even more readily flock to be in his bed. They are attracted to a dynamic man whose exudes sexuality. The latest episode in the ongoing saga of Silvio was comments by 17 year old Karima Keyek that she attended a party at his home and went home with about $9,000. She told him her age which surprised the old man and he muttered something about having problems with other under-age girls and, perhaps, he should send her home.

His ex-wife wryly commented that he was “unwell” and accused him of making out with minors. Berlusconi blamed the the entire episode on political enemies. As an American I wonder what would happen to Bill Clinton in Italy– would they praise or condemn him?