Berlusoni Cazzo Creates Problems

Those who attain the heights of great power over time begin to think they alone are capable of leading armies or nations and without their presence at the helm of power everything would collapse. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has enjoyed running Italy and used his control over the media to ensure retaining his position. Stories of young girls at his wild sex parties and confessions by young models they were offered money to participate in sexual romps are dismissed as nothing more than a few boys having a night on the town. However, Berlusconi’s refusal to name a successor or to share power has created a new set of enemies and they are out for blood. About 317 members of Parliament have signed a no-confidence motion which will be introduced and if it passes, Silvio will be compelled to step down from the ivory throne of power.

His reaction to close confidants was, “I will not be grabbed by the cazzo(prick) by this bullshit.” I am sorry, Silvio but it was your cazzo that got you into the mess in the first place!