Betrayal of Iraquis

Among the ongoing tragedies of the Iraq War is American failure to provide visas to Iraqis who risked their lives in order to provide assistance to the war effort in their nation. Hundreds died because they worked for the Americans, hundreds witnessed their lives torn to pieces by fear and hatred from insurgents who wanted to exact revenge on anyone who assisted the American war effort. Of course, the Bush administration promised these individuals a visa to America when it came time to depart Iraq. This is simply another example of a Bush promise which turned out to be simply another Bush lie.

We do not know how many have been murdered or had their families slain because they worked with Americans. We do know that of 25,000 promised visas only 5,000 have been given to Iraq people who supported the Bush war. George is back in  Texas chopping wood while thousands of Iraqis are shopping for an exit from hell.