Betrayal Of Our Youth

Future historians will look back on our current days and wonder how a modern civilized society could so recklessly abandon its youth in the name of saving the wealthy. Latest unemployment figures from the United Kingdom indicate a record number of young people are currently unemployed. About 20% of young people in England are unemployed, the highest rate since this figure began to be used in 1992. Of course, the figure does not include those who simply have given up the search for a job.

Prime Minister David Cameron expressed, “regrets,” and noted, “the challenge for us now is to push ahead with our welfare reforms as quickly as possible so we start to move people off benefits to take advantage of those vacancies.” The “vancancies” represent a slight increase of a few thousand in job openings. But, it is not only young people who desire those vacancies, but millions of older unemployed people who will take ANY job!

We are living in an era in which governments in the US or England or many European nations refuse to increase taxes on the wealthy in order to provide funding for government directed work projects as was done during the Depression. This is the “Protect The Wealthy Era” and screw the young period.