Better Or Worse In Iraq- Depends On Reporter

Unidentified gunmen killed the dean of Baghdad’s University Dental College in what appears to be part of an organized campaign to intimidate and killed the nation’s intelligensia. The killing of Dr. Mundher Muharej comes amind reports that certain parts of Baghdad were slipping out of control once again. Reports suggest fighters belonging to al-Qaeda and other groups resisting US forces, are regrouping for a comeback in areas from which they were forced to flee.

More intellectuals are fleeing Iraq than fled under Saddam Hussein. Neither the Iraq government nor US troops have been able to do anything to prevent the murderous attacks on intellectuals. There are also reports of fierce clashes raging in Basra, Nasiriya and Diwaniya for the third consecutive day. The groups fighting the allied troops are still unknown although some sources claim they are former Baathists and supporters of Saddam. Appparently, the stories of the Surge success are now being matched by stories of killings and resistance.