Better Prison Than Government?

There is scant doubt the Muslim Brotherhood misused its power while leading the government of Egypt. The Morsi government failed to protect the rights of Coptic Christians, it attempted to impose religious laws upon a population that wanted greater separation of state from religion, and its mismanagement of the economy was probably either an act of stupidity or ignorance. Egypt’s Army leadship continued its policy of locking up Muslim Brotherhood leaders rather than seeking to work with those in opposition. Gehad al-Haddad, spokesperson of the MB was the latest person arrested. Dozens of those who served in the Morsi government or actively supported it are now in a jail cell. Of course, hundreds of MB supporters are now dead or in a hospital for participating in oppositon to the armed forces.

We argue that MB should be allowed to participate in a new political process which will result in a free election. Regardless of whether or not the MB now recognizes the importance of being inclusive, their right to be engaged in the new political process is vital to creation of a government that will represent the Egyptian people. Better under the umbrella of politics rather than outside in the dark.