Beware Al-Qaeda Airforce!

Once again, the Socialist Barack Obama has indicated his willingness to weaken America and aid the forces of terrorism. God fearing patriotic Americans like those in the Republican party are aghast at the president’s refusal to include more F-22 fighters in order to protect the United States against attacks by the Al-Qaeda Air Force. (AQAF). The president also cancelled several other planes that are desperately needed by those who want to protect their beloved America against attacks by the AQAF and other Muslim terrorist air groups.

Once again, Barack Obama and his fellow Socialists place the interests of terrorists before those of America. How can the United States survive without a thousand bombers, thousands of helicopters, and new battleships and aircraft carriers? We need those weapons if this nation is to be save from terrorism.

How many liberals are aware that the AQAF has a hidden squadron of bombers and missiles which can hit America. Wake up America and build more planes, more tanks, more helicopters and more of anything that will provide jobs to congressmen constituents.