Beware Black Helicopters

Americans can sleep peacefully this evening because the staunch defenders of our freedoms and liberties are ever so vigilant. Over 40% of dedicated members of the Republican party are prepared to take up arms within the coming decade in order to prevent black helicopters swooping down and sending enemies of King Obama to special gulags which currently are being build in Minnesota. There is no question the American way of life is doomed unless loyal, dedicated folk rise up with the rifles, mortars, bazookas and ward off the servants of the Devil who currently occupy the  White House. Heck, even 27% of Independents believe a conflict is brewing that will end with violence in the streets between those loyal to this nation and those loyal to sharia law!

It is time to end the reign of King Obama and restore this nation to those who actually were born here, those whose ancestors fought for freedom. End the rule of the tyrant, go into the streets and defend America!

And, make certain to place a rifle in your baby’s crib in order to ensure she is ready for the coming conflict!!