Beware Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Former President Mubarak awaits trial along with his sons for involvement in the deaths of those who protested against his rule. New demonstrations broke out led by youths who thought the revolution of March would result in a new Constitution and a new people in power. The military which once supported Mubarak saw handwriting on the wall and joined the revolution in order to squash the revolution. Where once the military shared Mubarak’s dislike of religious groups like the Muslim Brotherhood they now work closely with clerics who want to gain power and impose some form of religious law upon secular Egyptians. The Muslim Brotherhood which has been squashed for decades joined the revolution, but now is linking to the military against the very same people with whom they protested.

Secular Egyptians fear a quick election would benefit the Muslim Brotherhood which has an existing organization. Secular groups were denied the right to have free elections and thus are not prepared to engage openly in a political campaign until they have developed a political infrastructure. Their fear is installation of the Muslim Brotherhood, which would form an alliance with the military, and end freedom for those refusing to go along with religious fanaticism.