Beware North Korea -It Is Ready For War!

North Korea’s delegate to the United Nations wants the world to know his nation will not be pushed around by anyone and is prepared to initiate military action if threatened by reports. According to Sin Son Ho, ‘If the Security Council releases any documents against us, condemning or questioning us…. follow up measures will be carried out by our military forces.” And, to make certain everyone understands, Sin warned the UN if they take sides in the issue of who sank a South Korean vessel, they may feel the wrath of North Korea. Sometimes, one gets the impression North Korean diplomats are either afraid to speak the truth due to fear of punishment by the Great Leader or they inhabit a time warp in which their nation can actually impose its military will on the world. Sin may be the Son of his beloved Great Leader but he better understand his nation can not handle an assault by other nations without devastation to their entire society.

I frequently get the feeling North Korea should form an alliance with Israel and the Sudan and Putin in Russia of nations that enjoy threatening military force rather than engaging in any form of intelligent dialogue. There will not be any use of North Korea’s armed forces. The mouth that roars is a pip squeak.