Beware –Sky Is Falling, Yell Reppublicans!

Republican congressmen are up in arms because the House of Representatives passed a health care bill. Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon, yelled to the media, “I find it outrageous that the government would attempt to dictate where and how they(veterans) obtain their health care.” But, the VA already does dictate how and when veterans secure health care, I can only assume the California Republican does not grasp the VA is a prime example of SOCIALISM! After all, it is run by “THE GOVERNMENT” and it makes decisions concerning health care. Fortunately, unlike private health insurance firms, it does not penalize veterans for pre-existing conditions like being wounded in combat.

It is ironic that Republicans who CUT money for veterans by reducing funds for counseling are now up i arms over a national health insurance scheme that offers people protection against private greedy health care providers.

By the way, check how Democrats have increased funding for veterans.