Beware Terror!

There are many ignorant people in the United States of America who actually believe that terrorism is declining. Senator Dianne Feinstein and other congressional leaders who work with American intelligence experts understand the threat of terrorism increases exponentially each day. Why? Because weak minded people refuse to believe that al-Qaeda and other such groups have the United States in a head grip and are squeezing us daily with the power of their weapons of war. According to the US Senator, we have to “understand that our intelligence services are not the bad guys.” Congressman Mike Rogers pointed out attacks on US Intelligence-by Americans! has simply made it easier for terrorists to gain entry into our secrets.

But, these congressmen understand we are losing the war on terrorism. It always fascinates me how “experts” can pinpoint “losing” or “winnng.” I assume there are some criteria to define a loss or gain, but it has never been made clear to this mind. One day when I reach Heaven, God will clarify how one defines victory or defeat. Until that moment, I will accept whatever is told me by “Intellligence.”

The most frequent blunder by American presidents has been to adhere to what “experts” say is reality. Perhaps, the CIA could cite ONE example during the past sixty years in which they actually were correct about the state of the world!