Beware Wrath of God World Cup Fans!!

I confess to being one who is oblivious to the entire World Cup hysteria which will undoubtedly put me in good standing before God who apparently is quite upset at the entire thing known as the World Cup. Siraaj Mohamed told a court in South Africa that, after discussing the matter with God, he has been informed the Man in the sky is angry at the entire World Cup frenzy. According to Mohamed, (not the Prophet, it should be made clear) “the way people worship the World Cup is the same as the way people worshipped the golden calf in the time of Moses.” God informed him that people in, south Africa, and particularly those in the vicinity of facilities being used to play the World Cup, should be cognizant that God is ready to destroy the entire city and everything within its boundaries in order to make clear His displeasure at this fawning worship of false gods.

Heck, God, I am bored by the World Cup, so I assume there will be no lightening bolts headed in my direction. Of course, I am concerned due to my loyalty to the New York Knickerbocker basketball team that God might let me experience an earthquake or something like that. I just can not imagine HIm being a Knick fan.

By the way, God, do they have the World Cup on other planets in the universe?

  • Nicola

    I used to travel with this guy to University every morning for about a year. When this news broke out our entire class when apesh*t..

    Crazy Crazy times..