Bhutto Names Attackers In Letter To Musharraf

Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto wrote a letter to President Musharraf prior to arriving back home in Pakistan in which she gave him the names of people plotting suicide attacks on her. She said secret sources had told her of impending suicide attacks once she landed in Pakistan. “It was conveyed to me by a brotherly country that one suicide squad was from the Taliban elements, one from the Al Qaeda, the third was from among the Pakistani Taliban, and the fourth was from Karachi.” She also indicated the possibility her enemies had infiltrated the police and army units and warned police who might be sent to guard her residence could also be connected to her enemies. Bhutto called upon all moderate political forces in Pakistan to unite in a grand coalition to fight against extremism. “It is important for all of us to fight to save Pakistan by saving democracy.”

Bhutto’s rhetoric of democracy so far has not been matched by a commitment to honesty in government or focusing on the needs of Pakistanis. She has used government for the economic benefit of her family, friends, and government associates. It is now time for Bhutto to cease mouthing cliches about democracy and match her words with action. That means appointing honest, effective people to key government positions and quit rewarding incompetent camp followers. Time is drawing short for an effective Pakistan government to be in place before radical elements gain more power.