Bhutto-Under House Arrest For Her Protection

Benazir Bhutto, leader of the Pakistan People’s Party has been placed under confinement to her house according to Pakistan police for her own safety since there are reports terrorists intend to kill her if she appears before a public rally. Police Superintendent Aftab Nasir commented: “Only the general public do not have an access to her and it is for her security.” The Musharraf government has indicated it will not allow Bhutto’s planned march in protest against the state of emergency. The secretary general of the National Party has been arrested and may be charged with treason for daring to make speeches denouncing Musharraf.

The Musharraf government is playing Orwellian games with keeping Bhutto confined to her home, but claiming it is not a house arrest, but simply a way to protect her against terrorists. Hundreds of lawyers are still in jail, there are restrictions on the media, and Musharraf somehow is claiming this is all being done in the name of democracy and an end to terrorism. It is amazing how the new “Bush Doctrine” of using the fear of terrorism to stifle free speech has spread throughout the world. Fortunately, the people of Pakistan and their intellectual elite know the real meaning of Musharraf–maintain power at all costs. One can only wonder if George Bush would behave in this manner — if he could get away with it.