Bibi And Buddies Upset At-Guess Who?

Bibi Netanyahu is a bit upset, particularly at a recent story by Bloomberg columnist Jeffrey Goldberg. In this article, President Obama is quoted as saying that Bibi is a “political coward” who is completely “captive to the settler lobby”and thus supports current settler policies which  are moving Israel ‘down a path toward near total isolation.” Bibi reportedly blames the Obama attitude on the fact Netanyahu openly supported the candidacy of Mitt Romney. Some Knesset MPs charge Obama with interfering in their election. I assume they mean an Israel prime minister can lend support-and urge funding-for a Republican candidate for the American presidency.

Obama reportedly cites Netanyahu’s “self defeating policies” and warned the time was not far off when it will not be possible for American presidents to halt anti-Israel policies in the UN.

Four years ago Israel had excellent relations with-Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and most European nations- todayNOT A SINGLE NATION IN THE WORLD SUPPORTS ISRAEL!!