Bibi And Peace

Them history of Israel’s desire for peace in the Middle East is a story of failed hopes and ironic twists of fate. At the birth  of Israel  in 1948, Jewish leaders were willing to accept less land in exchange for more peace. They wanted recognition of the state of Israel and were willing to accept the reality of Palestinians having their own  land. Of course, up until the 1970s, what we term, “the West Bank,” was part of Jordan. Time after time Palestinian leaders refused offers of peace and land on grounds they wanted more and more. Secretary of State John Kerry will once again attempt to use the power of America in  order to stimulate the possibility of peace in the Middle East.

Of course, these days Israel plays the role of Yasser Arafat or other Palestinian leaders who turn down peace. Kerry may try and try but the ultimate decision rests with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and his collection of petty Israel leaders. Whenever people claim that “God” told them to do something, you can rest assured hope for human peace will not occur.