Bibi Bangs Desk Loudly

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is allegedly engaged in discussions with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority in order to resolve issues dealing with the West Bank and creation of an independent state of Palestine. He emphasized to the world that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank is merely a minor issue. He accused Palestinians of claiming that “occupation, the territories, the settlements…have to a large extent created the conflict, and I ask whether this is true?” When and why did this conflict begain according to Bibi? “The conflict, If I have to choose a date when it began in earnest, began in the year 1921 on the day Palestinian Arabs attacked the immigrants’ house in Jaffa”

Who is this man? The issue, according to Bibi, “was and remains the Jewish state.” He insists that Palestinians recognize Israel as a “Jewish state” even though 15% of the people are Muslims and Christians. We in the United States are NOT a “Christian nation” even though most people are Christians