Bibi Bats Against Peace

Bibi Netanyahu is prime minister of Israel and determined to foster the views of the Orthodox minority in his nation. There is tension as Palestinian leaders are in the UN seeking recognition for statehood. President Abbas argues it is impossible for Palestinians to enter into negotiations with the Netanyahu government, and dear old Bibi proves they are right on target with this charge.

He announed construction of 1,100 new houses in the disputed area between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Bibi is greeted as a hero by West Bank settlers and will secure their votes. However, he ensures Palestinians will secure votes in the UN General Assembly. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was clear about the issues involved. “We have long urged both sides to avoid any kind of action which would undermine trust, including and perhaps most particularly, in Jerusalem, any action that could be viewed as provocative by either side.”

Bibi response: the hell with you. I will contact Republicans in Congress!