Bibi Bats For Peace

Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu feels comfortable in the knowledge the Republican Part of America will support any wild idea he proposes because to them, the “Israel card” is simply a ploy to secure votes and money from the Jewish Lobby. He enjoys shouting defiance to the world and threateing dire ends for anyone who dares oppose his extreme ideas of war and defeat to anyone who defies his proosals. After warning the President of the United States to obey his dictates, the wild man from matso land decided to calm down and behave in a rational manner. He finally grasped that President Obama was working to aid Israel and avoid death and destruction to its people. “While Israel is pepared to do what is necessar to defend itself, we share President Obama’s preference to see Iran’s nuclear weapons program end through diplomacy.” Whew!

Imagine bombing Iran and witnessing thousands of missiles headed toward Jerusalem? The best solution is always, “jaw, jaw, not war, war.”