Bibi Bets Wrong

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is rather arrogant and considers himself to be an authority on the Middle East and the United States of America. During the past two years in order to show clearly to President Obama that he is not in love with the Middle Eastern policy of Hillary Clinton, the man whose brother is arrogance decided to ignore reallity and bet on a Romney victory. Bibi met with Repubublican leaders on visits to the United States which is a flagrant interference in American politics by a foreigner. He has challenged President Obama, he has insulted the president and now must confront reality.

Most probably, the morning of November 7 is not the most welcome one for the Israel leader. Over in the wings is Ehud Olmert who has proposed intelligent peace plans  with Palestine leaders and his ideas will be in accord with Hillary Clinton and the president. There are reports that Bibi ordered his staff to shut up and not insult the American president.

Ah, Bibi, it is too bad the Mormon guy lost!