Bibi Finally Talks Sense!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has spent the past two years issuing provocative statements concerning his nation’s refusal to acknowledge any responsibility for the death of Turkish citizens three years ago who were attempting to bring supplies to Gaza. Each time Turkey has requested an official apology, Netanyahu has essentially told them to go to hell. Pride is among the most blatant attributes of Israelis such as Netanyahu — it is always the other person who is not only wrong, but is undoubtedly and anti-Semite.

Finally, Bibi discussed common interests between Israel and Turkey and urged a “fruitful dialogue.”  He pointed out, “we both have a  border with Syria, and I am sure we both want to see a stable and peaceful Syria. That is a common interest.” Sensible people in Israel and Turkey agree.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has made very clear his nation insists on an official apology for the death of its citizens. Bibi finally said he is considering a form of apology. No, it must be official in order for Israel to return to its peaceful and cooperative relations with Turkey. How about eating a piece of humble pie in order to gain security for Israel!!