Bibi Goes Bonkers

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is very upset because President Barack Obama is talking with the president of Iran. The thought of Iran and the United States reaching agreements on issues such as nuclear power fightens the man who thrives on crisis and fear. How could he frighten the people of Israel with images of bombs pouring down on them or terrorists roaming the streets without some enemy? President Obama promised the man who spreads fear there was nothing to be frightened about. I wonder if Obama apologized to Bibi for not seeking his permission to pursue the AMERICAN foreign policy. At this moment, President Obama agrees with European allies that a sensible compromise would allow Iran to pursue a nuclear program as long as it does not pursue development of nuclear weapons.

Of course, it might assist reaching a compromise with Iran if Israel would allow United Nations observers to observe their nuclear weapons. The ONLY nation with nuclear weapons in the Middle East is ISRAEL! I am not discussing removing atomic weapons from Israel but the concept of allowing UN inspectors to examine the Israel program.