Bibi Likes Hollande-Sometimes!

An impartial observer sort of gets confused whenever Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gets together with French President Francois Hollande. Bibi so loves when the French leader makes demands upon the Iranian government and takes a tough stance on nuclear development. He then becomes the “good guy” and Bibi will even eat French fries. But, when Hollande says: “Francde demands a full and complete halt to settlement activity” then the French fries disappear from tables in Israel. Hollande went on to express reality: “settlement activity complicates the negotiations and makes it difficult to achieve a two state solution.” This is not what Bibi wants to hear, speak about the bad Iranians, not we Israelis!

As Francois Hollande so aptly stated: “if you want peace, you need to have gestures toward peace.” Aw shucks, why can’t he just talk about the bad Iranians!Unfortunately for Bibi there is no Jewish lobby in France.