Bibi: Nuke Them!

Bibi Netanyahu is very upset. There are rumors concerning efforts by western nations to resolve differences with Iran. Initial reports suggest that Iran might be willing to reduce its nuclear efforts and focus on peaceful use of nuclear materials. Bibi does not believe anything until it is completed. “In this situation as long as we do not see actions instead of words, the international pressure must continue to be applied, and even increased.” There is some initial progress. Most normal approaches would be to support progress, but for Bibi the only resort is more anger and hate. After all, if Israel lacked an enemy, how could he get votes of fear? Iran may be willing to allow international inspection so what else to do but attack its government?

Perhaps, if Iran is willing to open nuclear facilities to international inspection then perhaps Israel might also do so? I forgot, Israel can always be trusted. It is time to move along the road of peace and allow Bibi to wallow in hatred and anger!