Bibi Rethinks Being Bibi

PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu shocked the people of Israel by creating a national unity government with the Kadima party. Shaul Mofaz, head of Kadima made clear his party’s desire to create an economy that dealt with social needs including growing poverty. He also strongly believes in the need for serious negotiation with President Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority. The new coalition might end Netanyahu’s reliance on right wing religious groups.

Prime Minister Netanyahu may shift focus on concentrate on (a) ending religious deferments for the armed forces for those who want to study the Torah rather than defend their nation, (b) reform the structure of Israel’s government in order to reduce power of minority parties in government decision making, (c) focus on needed economic programs for the middle class, and (d) serious negotiation with Palestinian leaders.

A new coalition offers new hope for peace in the Middle East!