Bibi Says Your Land Is Our Land!

I was raised as an Orthodox Jew and also as an American. I do not recall any aspect of my religious upbringing or  my study in American schools which taught me I had the right to take land or property that belonged to another person. However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apparently had a differing childhood learning experience because he  is now seeking to find a legal loophole which allows Israeli settlers to build homes on the land of Palestinians and retain possession of the property!

Netanyahu instructed Justice Minister yaakov Neeman to explore ways that would legalize houses in settlements that were built on  private Palestinian land! Ironically,  Bibi agreed  several months ago to demolish those houses, but now wants to retroactively legalize the illegal construction that he destroyed.

Oh well, I am certain Congressman Eric Cantor, who is the Israeli man in our government, will explain to the American people why conservatives who support the sanctity of private property really mean that pertains to property owned by Christians and Jews, not Muslims!