Bibi, The Ice Cream Man

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau is a man who has a sweet heart feeling toward those who seek war and hatred against Muslims. He is a man who stands firm for his ideas, but recent evidence is he also will, on occasion, cease being firm and seek the truth of pleasure to his body. It turns out that Bibi and his office staff possess sweet tooths and just love ice cream. They have been dipping, not only into the coffers of the government, but into an ice cream parlor to the extent of $2,700 per year. The man of action has now become the man of ice cream.

In fairness it should be noted that Bibi was not aware that he possessed a sweet tooth. He issued an edict, not to halt West Bank settlements, but to half more ice cream being delivered in his office.

I wonder if Bibi will share any ice cream with those Muslim folks?