Bibi Upset

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is upset because the Obama administration seeks to resolve conflicts with Iran and establish the prospect for peace in the Middle East. The nightmare for Bibi is to end war and conflict in the Middle East because once the people of Israel know they no longer have to fear death in their daily lives, the nothings like Avigdor Lieberman and Benjamin Netanyahu who thrive on fear will no longer have a means of preventing peace. Efforts by Secretary of State to forge an agreement with Iran were met by Bibi’s comment, it is “the deal of the century.” He went on to assert, “Israel utterly rejects it, and what I am saying is shared by many in the region whether or not they express it publicly.” Perhaps, Bibi can share what those parties think about his administration’s approach to peace with Palestinians. Has he been offering Palestinians, “the deal of the century?”

President Obama called the Joe McCarthy of Israel politics who thrives on fear and hysteria in order to explain negotiations. A waste of time. It is important for America to fight for the rights and security of, not only Americans, but the people of Israel. An attack on Iran would result in thousands of missiles headed toward Israel. It would result in suicide bombers and the death of innocent Israelis and Palestinians. Since Israelis refuse to halt the possibility of war, then it is the responsibility of the United States to pursue this path to stability.