Bibi Wants Peace Or Is It A Piece?

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is sending a letter to President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority which seeks to resume negotiation in a neutral area like Jordan. Bibi will state his desire for a meeting without any preconditions that would lead to discussion concerning issues like water, borders, security, settlements and the fate of Jerusalem. Of course, in stating there should not be any preconditions, Bibi did make clear “I am committed to maintaining the Jewish character of the country.”  He also wants Abbas to accept that Israel “is there national home of the Jewish people.”

I am glad Bibi is against preconditions although apparently he meant preconditions  by the Palestinian Authority. No nation in the world demands that other nations accept its religious character–except for Israel. Bibi has stated on numerous occasions that Jerusalem is off the table for discussion. I assume when he meets Abbas the Palestinian will be informed  there will be no discussion about Jerusalem.

Of course, there should be a  meeting. Of course, Netanyahu will not budge on any issues and the meeting will end as others have-no change from Israel. Just accept their demands and a compromise can be worked out!