BIBI Wrong Man At Right Time

Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, once again offered evidence that he is the wrong man to work for peace in the Middle East even though it is the right time for peace. Once again, he blamed everyone besides himself for preventing peace in the region. After meeting with French President Sarkozy, he accepted the possibility of a Palestinian state by September, but could not help but make his normal sarcastic remark that a proposal in the UN that says “Bin Laden is a hero of mankind would pass.” Once again, the persecuted man from Israel places blame for the impasse with Palestinians on the UN or Palestinians or Barack Obama of the entire world. Just two years ago, former Israel Prime Minister Olmert had worked out a peace plan only to have Netanyahu wipe out the idea. At no point does Netanyahu admit refusing to halt West Bank settlement construction or seizing Arab land in East Jerusalem have been factors in delaying peace. If he had halted West Bank building, Israel could have had peace months ago!

An ongoing problem Bibi loves to create is insisting “whoever wants peace with Israel has to accept Israel as the national state of Jews.” Sorry, Bibi, but 20% of those living in the state of Israel are NOT Jews! How do they fit into his declaration that Israel is the home of Jews?