Bibi’s Kosher Dilemma

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is a man who knows what God desires for the Jewish people and he is willing to gather together any group of Israelis in order to carry out that which is desired by the bearded man up in the sky. Bibi  and his henchman, Avigdor Lieberman, the poor man’s version of a Foreign Minister, decided to form a new coalition which unites far right religious fanatics with far right Russian speaking, thinking fanatics. Unfortunately, the Russian crowd is not that religious minded and thus Bibi may wind up with those who believe Kosher and those who prefer pork.

Bibi’s conservative Likud and Avigdor’s right wing party may only wind up with about 35 seats in the Knesset, less than the 42 once held. This means adding on small religious parties whose leaders dislike Avigdor. Then again, who doesn’t dislike this ignorant man? Welcome to the madness that constitutes an Israel attempt at forming a government.