Bibi’s Nightmare!

Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is confronting a nightmare, the Iranian government is presenting plans to Western nations that might result in a resolution of their conflicts with other nations. Iran Foreign Minister Mohmmad javad Zarif presented a six month time table on how to proceed with a plan that resolves the dispute over the Iran work on nuclear energy. All participants describe current talks as the most productive in years. These reports are causing consternation in Jerusalem since how can the Israel government proceed with its crazy plan to bomb Iran if the nuclear bomb issue is resolved? Bibi needs some nation to fear if he is able to continue frightening Israelis with disaster and a reason to vote for him.

Bibi once again urged Western nations to continue with sanctions. It is time to end some sanctions as a reward to Iranian leaders who are under pressure from hard liners to stand up for nuclear weapons. Bibi and Iranian hard liners agree on one thing–FEAR is the weapon of war.